Einstein Business

Game type


Number of people

10-100 players

Playing time

15 minutes

Operation Mindfall - Indoor GameIn 1955, Albert Einstein died mysteriously. But what happened? Was he murdered? Travel back in time, use your Ipad, analyse the crime scene and solve the mystery.

Einstein Unsolved is an augmented reality (AR) indoor game based on a mystery, which means it interacts with the world around it to create an unique experience. It’s a mix between a classic escape room and an AR game allowing you to create a custom game for your guests, clients or friends in any of our available locations or in a venue of your choice.

Einstein has been found dead, and only you can find out what truly happened! Search the crime scene, find the clues and uncover the mystery. Will you be able to find the truth before the time runs out?


For all the marketing and travel agencies, for business events, office parties and team buildings , the Escape Game activity is the best choice.

Escape City Game

Escape City Game or giochi re games and Team Building activities for companies and recreational activities for leisure groups. Come and have fun with our activities • Search for the resolution of the mysteries, including hidden clues, solving puzzles, use geolocation and our Augmented Reality system and let yourself be dragged into a unique story!
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