Team Building

Our amazing adventures are the perfect way to build team spirit, inspire creative problem solving.


Team Building - Development Areas


Relationship Area

Cooperation and Communication are essential in order to solve our riddles. The path strongly encourages the team involved in the story and the final result comes from the individual player.


The games make sure that every team member is able to offer their own active contribution to the group, as long as they cooperate with the ther elements. 


Cognitive Stimulation
The game and the enemy were created with professional cooperation in order to exercise cognitive abilities: Selective attention, memory, logical reasoning, language, and mathematics abilities.


Strategy, Time management and group subdivision are needed to evolve in the game. You will also need some adaptation skill, urgency and emergency sense.



Fast Resolution
The whole game is a race against time. Time management is the key element to win the game. Priority notion, work organization, team subdivision, and leadership, are constantly demanded.



For all the marketing and travel agencies, for business events, office parties and team buildings , the Escape Game activity is the best choice.

Outdoor / indoor Games

Operation Mindfall - Outdoor Game

Magic Portal

Mission Hub - Online Virtual Remote Game

Escape City Game

Escape City Game or giochi re games and Team Building activities for companies and recreational activities for leisure groups. Come and have fun with our activities • Search for the resolution of the mysteries, including hidden clues, solving puzzles, use geolocation and our Augmented Reality system and let yourself be dragged into a unique story!
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